Peer-to-Peer Financial Literacy

Have you ever wondered how you can get your high school students to share the financial literacy lessons they have learned? Why not work with elementary schools in your area and get them in those classrooms? Its a wonderful way to share and give back.
If you are interested in how my award winning program works, contact me.
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In 2016 and 2017 I hosted an internet radio show called "Real Life 101". From my radio show, I have a series of almost 50 podcasts that range in content from general financial literacy topics to classroom teaching strategies and other content that promotes the value of financial literacy education.Follow the links to those podcasts.
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Are you looking to promote Financial Literacy in your schools and communities? Let me help!

I am a passionate promoter of Financial Literacy. I have been active speaking to educational, business and community groups. If you are looking to implement financial literacy programs into your schools, I am available for speaking engagements.
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Joel Chrisler and Real Life 101

Joel Chrisler has been a teacher for the past 28 years at Sauk Prairie High School in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin. In 1990 upon accepting his first teaching position he was given a textbook and asked to create a class emphasizing economics and financial literacy. No one else wanted to teach it and this is where his passion grew. He could share stories of financial success, stories of financial hardship but most importantly the stories of how young people must prepare themselves for their own future. It is the kind of class that benefits students immediately. The result was a semester course called Consumer Economics and he has been sharing real life financial lessons with thousands of students ever since. Topics in the classroom include consumerism, advertising, sales strategies, career exploration, taxes, savings, investing, credit, budgets, buying cars, renting apartments, and buying homes. These topics and the opportunity to impact students lives daily is what inspires this educator.
In 2011, Chrisler was awarded the Economics Wisconsin and Robert W. Baird Excellence in Teaching Award. In 2012, he was recognized by Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin with the Governor’s Award for Financial Literacy for his Peer-To-Peer Mentor Program in which his high school students share financial lessons with elementary students. He is a six time attendee of the Jump$tart Coalition’s National Educator Conference and was recently invited to speak at
Jump$tart’s National Partners Meeting. He has also addressed the Wisconsin Educators Convention in Milwaukee (made up of educators, administrators and school board members)
about the value of Financial Literacy requirements at the state level. He was instrumental in getting School Board approval for a graduation requirement in Financial Literacy for his school
district. His passion to help students prepare for their economic futures is evident in all his work.
Chrisler hosted a weekly internet radio show called “Real Life 101: Creating Economic Freedom for Parents and Kids”.  You can also find out more on his facebook page “Real Life 101” or on the website, Real Life and even follow him on Twitter @JoelRealLife101.
Joel Chrisler wants to help make a difference in his students lives and hopes to share that with his audience as well. Parents, teachers and students will benefit from his experiences and advice. He is often quoted as saying, “I have done some smart things financially but I have made my share of mistakes as well. My hope is that I have made the mistakes so my students won’t have to.”

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